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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1.Can I join DIFL any time of the year?

Q2. Can I speak the language fluently after completing the course?

Q3. How can I make my registration for enrolment in the course?

Q4. Can I learn any foreign language even without any previous knowledge of English?

Q5. Do you have any special crash / concentrated courses for persons not living in India?

Q6. Can I register myself through internet?

Q7. Will DIFL assist me in getting a good job after doing any course?

Q8. Can I learn more than one languages at a time?

Q9. How can I get more details about the courses and prices?

Q10. Does DIFL provide Boarding / Lodging for the non-resident students?

Q11. Can I be informed about the dates and details of the next new batches starting?

Q12. Does DIFL provide any degree on the language courses?


A1.Yes. The courses keep on starting at all the times of the year.

A2. Yes, definitely. The special communicative approach of teaching assures your fluent conversation in a particular language. Please go to Teaching Method for any further details.

A3. You can make your registration by filling the form available on demand at the institute or can be requested by mail along with the registration fees- Rs.500 only for Indian Students and US$ 20 only for Foreigners which can be directly deposited at the office or can be sent by post to the address given below.

A4. Yes, certainly because DIFL has broken all misconceptions of the necessity of the knowledge of English for learning any foreign language. Rather at DIFL we think that a foreign language can be best learnt through one's mother tongue.

A5. Yes. We provide extensive crash courses of 1-10 weeks specially designed for students from abroad in which the medium of instruction is the student's native language, if it is one of those taught at DIFL.In such courses only one student is there with one teacher. But for such courses a student should intimate us well in advance.

A6. The intimation can be sent by internet but the registration will be considered final only after receiving the registration fees and the form by post.

A7.Yes. DIFL assists its students in getting good jobs on the basis of their knowledge of the language and their other qualifications. Please go to Placement services for further inquiries.

A8. That depends on a person to person as the grasping power of an individual varies. If you can devote some extra time at home after the class then you can do so. The chances of getting confused with the languages are there only in the initial stage and gets clear soon after the basics of the language are clear. There are examples of some students who have learnt even 4 languages at the same time and are equally fluent in all of them.

A9. You can send an E mail or a post at the address given below for these details.

A10. DIFL itself does not have any hostel facilities but can assist you for all these facilities.

A11. Yes, if you want you can send a request to DIFL  and we will keep on informing you whenever a new batch starts.

A12. No. DIFL is not recognized by any University to provide any degrees but it is an independent identity granting certificates / diplomas for all of its courses.

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