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You Were Always There

It's one thirty in the morning, and yet I still can't call it a day
Because to all of my online friends, an apology I must say
You were always there for me, when I needed you the most
And yet I never did anything but keep pushing you further away.

If you had not been there, backing me through all of my stress
I'm not sure I would still be here, and that I must sadly confess
But you were always there for me, you held me not letting me go
And friends like you are hard to come by, you're really the best.

You all have helped me realize that I can't get through life on my own
I'm blessed to have great friends like you, I know I'll never be alone
Because you were always there for me, saying that everything’s fine
And I owe you an apology, there are so many things I have been shown

When I first started chatting I was timid, but now I'm doing just great
I met some terrific friends that I love, and very possibly even my mate
You were always there for me, you would always keep cheering me on
And helping me through everything that was always dished on my plate

Thank you for always being there, even when I tried pushing you away.
It's true friends like yourselves that will always seem to brighten my day
Because you were always there, I promise to always be there for you
You are truly the best friends I have grown to love, that I must happily say.