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Follow Your Rainbow

"Follow your rainbow until you get to the end,"
My mother would almost always say to me
"What's at the end of it, Mom?" I would ask
"Your dreams, and a pot of gold you'll soon see."

I kept those words in the back of my mind
And I smile everytime I see a bright rainbow
I keep following it until I see the great pot of gold
But I'm afraid I still have quite a ways further to go.

My life's dream is to soon become a known poet
And someday I'll smile at my name in print
And when I have a couple books of poetry out
I'll always reflect on how far I have already went

When you go to set out to achieve a dream of yours
I want you to always remember my mother's wise words
And take it from a child who listened to her mother's advice
Because those are still the best words I've ever heard.