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The Man's Eyes

A man sits on a park bench
No expression but lonliness shows
His eyes are telling me his story
And it seems like more than anyone knows.

He face speaks of broken relationships
But I can tell his heart wants to cry
The man inside him is trying to be brave
As I quietly listen to the story from his eyes

He looks like a man without a home
He looks like he could use some friends
But his heart has become timid and nervous
And is afraid to enter a relationship again.

There are trees between this man and I
But his heartbreak comes in loud and clear
I feel helpless that I can't do anymore
But I still wonder why his family isn't here.

Snowflakes are starting to fall in the winter sky
And the poor man I've listed to has nowhere to go
And yet there are thousands of others like this man
And his eyes tell more than everyone will ever know.

As I get up, I walk through the bare winter trees
"God bless you, sir," I say kindly shaking his hand
"Please try to get out of the snow and to a shelter,
And I want to tell you Merry Christmas; I understand."

As I walked away, I kept that man's spirit in my heart
And dumbfounded, I forgot to look into the man's eyes
As I opened my car door, I winked and smiled at the man
"Thank you ma'am," he called out, "my angel in disguise."