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What It Is To Be Free

I've seen images on my television
And I can't come to understand
Life is so precious, but it has no value
By the people living in Afghanistan.

A field once used for football games
Is now a horred execution ground
Where men ans women are murdered
A place where love can't be found.

I saw three helpless little girls
Whose father was taken prisnor
By a soldier, their mother was shot
Involitarly, they now live in fear.

The population is 26 million
And yet hundreds die each day
The children are soon orphaned
For the chilren, I've began to pray.

God be with us through this tragedy
And watch over all those children
They shouldn't be treated so badly
And should be able to feel safe again

Value of live doesn't exist to them
And I feel guilty at times like these
Because they all live in tragic terroism
Never expierencing what it is to be free.