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Strength Of America

As a country, together we stand and unite
Defending our freedom, and all of our rights
Terrorists tried to stop our American beliefs
But I've made a decision, I'm ready to fight.

American leaders are strong and willful men
They've helped us win war, and do it again
Terrorists destroyed many inportant landmarks
I believe I'm more afraid now than I was then

An eye for an eye, terrorist for a terrorist
Sooner or later they'll be brought to justice
They've shattered many innocent lives that day
And many innocent souls will be forever missed.

On September 11, 2001 they highjacked airplanes
Taking innocent lives, and bringing much pain
This is a war we may never see the end of soon
But hopefully, victory will be America's gain.

The Pentagon and World Trade Center towers
Proud landmarks we could once call ours
The terrorists destroyed them with airplanes
The sky was black for many dreadful hours

Thousands of lives were taken on that day
But their spirits haven't ever faded away
Many heros came out of America's tragedy
And we'll win the war, the American way.