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Afraid To Be Alone

I've sat here listening here to your voice
But not believing what it had to say
I didn't want to adjust to it then
And now I wish you'd just go away

We've loved each other for twelve years
But bruises and scars I have to show
They're from your first and your strap
So please, I'm only asking you to just go.

I'm always having to look over my shoulder
Always afraid that I might step out of line
I'm always feeling trapped inside your prison
Searching for dignity I that was once mine.

There were times I felt safe with you
But lately, they're replaced with terror
The burns, black eyes, all the bruises
And the nights you pulled me by the hair

I don't ever want to see you again
Or bump into you on the city streets
For all the memories will rush back
And I'll remember that I was beat.

The recovery process will be quite long
But the nurse says tomorrow I go home
It's not the recovery that scares me
I'm just always afraid to be alone.