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Tribute To Harriet Tubman

A great black leader, who will never be forgotten
Is a runaway slave born in Maryland in 1821
She worked hard on the Underground Railroad
Freeing over 300 slaves before she was done.

Harriet Tubman, who was also nicknamed Moses
Helped many slaves to Canada so they were free
She was excellent in planning her escape missions
She was certainly well-known in the slave community.

She led slaves away during the middle of the night
And she made sure to keep them hidden in the day
For if they got caught, they could be beat or even shot
And Harriet didn't want them to end up this cruel way.

She always had an interest in the welfare of other people
She helped the disabled and raised money for former slaves
But the secret of her brilliant plans of freeing so many slaves
Will be an unknown secret that in 1913 she took to her grave.

She was one of the many conductors on the underground railroad
She was also, in my mind anyway, one of the most brilliant and brave
And even though I am not black, I think she was a wonderful black leader
A great woman, Harriet "Moses" Tubman, a Maryland run away slave.