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The days are starting to grow longer
And today there is a nice Spring breeze
The birds have already migrated back
And are making nests in our backyard trees.

The sun is starting to shine much brighter
And the temperatures are starting to rise
After a long, cold, below zero, chilly winter
The spring's warmth is a nice surprise.

My Grandma's roses will soon be blooming
As we start into God's most beautiful Spring
And I can't wait to go to her house this season
And once again start swinging on her rope swing.

I want to go to K-mart or possibly a garden shop
And buy a nice flower for my cocker spaniel's grave
It's in Grandma and Grandpa's backwoods, down the hill
But if I don't want to cry, I'll have to be really brave.

It's offically Spring, and it's finally come after a long wait
So far it's one of the most beautiful Spring's I've ever known
Without my Charley, there is a piece of my heart that still hurts
I know, though, that he's always with me and I'm never alone.