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Without Jesus I'm A Lost Sheep

There's a person in my life who's so special
And who I am not afraid or ashamed to share
He knows everything there is to know about me
And yet he still loves me and he also still cares.

I'm fallen away from Him for some time now
But I'm ready to surrendor and also to repent
For I deeply believe I wouldn't be here writing
If it wasn't for the guardian angels he has sent.

He has always been there through my storms in life
But the devil has unfortunately made me go astray
And from this beautiful person who I loved so much,
I have wandered from, and are a lost sheep everyday.

I've prayed deeply for his forgiveness many times so far
And I always hope that He will always hear all of my prayers
I always stop to think about what road I would be going down
If suddenly my Father, Lord Jesus, was never again there.

I am happy I am on the right path to my Lord Jesus once again
And I know without him, I would worry about my eternal home
But his guardian angels are watching out for me everyday that I live
And between Jesus, and his angels, I know that I am never alone.

I feel so much happier now that I am with Jesus my Savior Lord
Because now I have hope and can see the light much more clear
I have a better attitude and a better look at the world around me
But without Jesus Christ, I think I would be living in absolute fear.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, that much I admit
And without my Savior Jesus Christ, I'm most certain that I'd be lost
For it is Jesus, my Father, who was put on trail and sentenced to die
To save all his children's damning sins from Hell up on the wooden cross.