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On a cold winter night, while driving on snow
The roads were icy, and wind chill fifteen below
She kept both hands on the wheel, seatbelt on tight
But sadly to say, Jen Brown died that snowy night.

An unknown writer, with so many things yet to achieve
God said it was time to go, and she sadly had to leave
She was the baby of her small family, youngest of three
And now she has gone on to Heaven, without her family

Grandma and her cocker spaniels meet her at Heaven's gates
Jen had missed them all so much, it sure has been a long wait
She sees the beauty of Heaven, and everybody is peaceful and free
But then she looks down over the clouds and sees her hurt family.

They are putting her in the ground, tears streaking down their face
And a feeling of guilt comes over her for being in such a beautiful place.
The years will pass quickly, she thinks, before they'll be up here with me
And then it'll be another peaceful day being reunited with her family

Charley and Holly, her two cocker spaniels that she loved ever so dear
Are running and barking around Jen and Grandma saying, "Why are you here?"
"There roads were icy, Grandma, I slid off an overpass on the freeway;
I was killed on impact, and my body was found dead early the next day."

Jen's grandma gave her a big hug. "Well I'm glad you're here with me.
I have missed you a lot, Jen, I've taken good care of Charley and Holly."
Jen brown had a fear of driving and also a great fear of dieing because of a car
She believed her car would one day take her life, and it has gone too far.

This poem is written because this is the way I tend to think I would die someday
But I want to be able to say good-bye to my family; I don't want to die this way
I've been in four car accidents, and now I'm terrified to step behind the wheel
But I've learned to be cautious, and car accidents are certainly far too real.

So please, I can't stress enough how important it is to wear a safety belt
Or life will deal you, I can absolutely promise you, the same cards I was dealt.
Car accidents are way too scary, and for me they always seem to be a scare
And one day, I feel in the bottom of my heart, in a car accident I'll leave here.