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The Lost Twin

A secret was revealed tonight
When Mom's silence had broke
She held my hand, stroked my hair
I listened as my mother spoke.

She told me she had found her,
My twin who I was told had died
She was kidnapped after birth
All this years Lisa's been alive.

She took out her picture she had
And I knew we were identical twins
I asked my Mom why she did this
But realize it was a tough decision.

Our Mom told Dad she was pregnant
But left out she was carrying twins
He left her before our birth, she says
That dad didn't want kids back then.

I looking at my sister Lisa's picture
And hurtful thoughts are in my mind
They took years Lisa and I've missed
And memories that were hers and mine

I'll be meeting her tomorrow, finally at last
For my long lost sister's airplane's coming in
We've learned to forgive and forget our past
We're happy to be together, finally again.