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Rescued From Violence

I had belt marks on my backside
When Grandpa came to get us all
I was three years old at the time
And remember him being so tall.

He lifted me high into his arms
And gave me a kiss on my cheek
Love I hadn't known in my life
Since by my mother I was beat.

He took my brothers and sisters
To live in his beautiful home
Giving us luxeries we never had
After our mother had left us alone.

Never once did he raise his hand to us
But gently held us through our grief
The social worker came ever Friday
And I remember her feeling relieved.

My Grandpa John gave me a presant
On my high school graduation day
It was my Grandma's wedding ring
Resting in peace may she lay.

My brother John is giving me away
As I look through the church windows
Grandpa there's smiling happily at me
And then I notice a beautiful rainbow.

I'm soon to be Mrs. Larry M. Sallenger
But Grandpa will always be my first love
For he rescued us out of all the terror
Being sent from our loving Savior above.