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The Earth Slowly Dies

If everybody would just put all of their trash
In the proper place that it should always go
Our Earth would soon be so much cleaner
And it would have far more beauty to show.

It seems like I'm driving in my car almost everyday
And along the road I will always see so much trash
If everybody got together and would help us clean
We could bring our Earth's beauty back so it lasts.

A few aluminum cans are thrown in a cornfield
And a paper bag in thrown out onto the highway
Our beautiful Earth is slowly dieing among us
If we don't star doing something about it today

Earth day only happens about once throughout the entire year
However, we should really try to keep Earth clean everyday
Right now our Earth is currently being used as a garbage dump
And it's been crying out for awhile, we can't always live this way.

There are many laws against littering, but thats not for me to say
it's not my job to tell you how you should choose to live your life
If we should unfortunately choose to not take care of our Earth now
Every form of life that exists on Earth right now is soon to slowly die.