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Watching Over Me

The angels in the Heaven's skies must be busy
With all the work they have to do watching over me
I'm so afraid to drive, and they all understand why
The other drivers aren't careful, I don't want to die.

An angel is always buckled in right beside me
Each time I get in my car and ready to drive
She will always hold my hand, protecting me
And she makes sure that I'll get home alive.

I have so many fears about the ever so busy freeway
Those semis always seem to give me quite a scare
But I know I am always safe driving in my small car
Because my guardian angel is always right there.

You know, even though I can never see her by me
Her presence is so strong enough that I really know
That she's watching over me with every day and night
And she's there protecting me, never once letting go.

I must be a special person, to be so protected by them
It helps me to drive just knowing I'm not ever truly alone
Because with them helping me drive each and every day
I know I can trust the other drivers and safely make it home.