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Thank You

Sometimes I sit at my computer and am typing
To a person who is many miles away from me
And even though we have never met face to face
They're really the best friends that could ever be.

I can laugh with them, and tell them funny jokes
I can be honest with them, and tell them my fears
And when things sometimes go wrong in my life
They are always there to help me dry my tears.

These are all of my many Internet friends who know me well
They're scattered from coast to coast across the United States
They are always there for me when I need them the very most
And all of them, whenever I needed them, have really been great.

I feel very blessed to have met so many great people
And I thank you so much for wanting to become my friend
You believe in me even though I don't believe in myself
And so much time together we always seem to spend.

You've all been so good to me and I just wanted to say
I pray that we will always remain friends through all we do
And the reason I'm writing this poem is to tell you how much
You mean so much to me and also I wanted to say I love you.