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Maria's Husband

Maria's husband angerily stormed in the garage door just now
While he was at his job, John unfortunately had a hard night
She then gave her husband the dinner plate she had saved
And in return, Maria was harshly slapped for not doing it right.

Then her husband angerily yanked her over to the kitchen sink
Where the dinner dishes were soaking in the dishwater, undone
He stood over her watching her as she washed all of the dishes
She began crying, because she knew that she couldn't ever run.

When the dishes were done, and they were all properly put away
They sat at the dinner table together as she held her sore cheek
She asked how his day had went, and was knocked off her chair
Over the past seven months, she had already become so weak.

Maria apologized to her husband that night as she cried in his arms
She knew in her heart John would very soon have much better days
She quietly laid her head on her husband's chest, as he dried her tears
And she knew from this situation she couldn’t ever really try to get away.

She quietly rubbed the bruise on her leg from the night she had before
As she alertly watched her husband quietly take off the belt from his pants
He took Maria down the hall to her room and harshly threw her on the bed
He told her that he noticed Maria hadn't been watering the indoor plants.

With each strike of her husband's leather belt that landed on her bare back
She let out a loud scream, and she knew in her heart she couldn't try to run
With every strike of her husband's belt, she knew she had been a bad girl
Her husband held her in his lap when her harsh punishment was finally done.

Maria knew that he loved her, that he needed to do this every now and then
And she still has those lovly memories of his good days in the back of her mind
The love is starting to grow out of this relationship, with each beating received
Because all this abuse from her husband is really starting to get out of line.