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I'm Beginning To Have Doubts

Tonight, after several months, I picked up a newspaper
And tonight, after reading it, I really wasn't all that surprised
I read one section of it from the front page to the very last
And soon noticed the daily news was affecting many lives.

I read where a man was in an auto collision tonight in town
There was three people in the car, and the one man died
I relected with the fact that their family must be really hurt
And even though I didn't know him, for a few minutes I cried.

Then I also read a story from a small neighboring town of mine
Where the sewer costs are still unfortunately on the steady uprise
The costs are expected to rise fifty percent over the next two years
This problem may be far more serious than anyone may realize.
Next was a story that I will admit made me feel really hurt and sad
Because not too far away from my town a man was thrown was in jail
He had been caught molesting a young six-year-old girl in his custody
He was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, not a chance at bail.

It's stories like these that make me question the the decision that I made
To be a journalist for a large newspaper or possibly even a magazine
There's so much hurt and pain in the world today I'm having doubts
But hopefully the world is not as bad as it may sometimes seem.