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Never Again

We haven't spoke for over two years
And I'm doubting we will ever again
He used to beat up on my mother
And resides in Kentucky State Prison.

I was eight when my parents divorced
And our Mom met him when I was nine
His alcohol abuse made him so violent
He took things away that were once mine.

On my tenth birthday, he bought me a glove
And he helped me work on my softball swing
There's not too many good memories I have
But I remember such fun we were having.

About age twelve, the abuse began to set in
And sometimes I'd even try avoiding home
Mom, Jacob and I were walking on eggshells
Always feeling like we were always alone.

When I was thirteen, he had came home once
Bought wine & flowers for their anniversary
That was one of the few times in my lifetime
When I felt like I actually had a family.

When I was eighteen, he arrived home drunk
Beat up my brother, put him in intensive care
I stepped in, and he violently turned on me
Yanking his belf off, striking my back bare.

That same night, our mother filed charges
She knew this abuse finally had to end
My stepfather was found guilty at trial
And I don't ever want to see him again.