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Linda's Abuse

The abuse Linda suffered as a child
Was often a family secret well kept
Nightmares haunted her every night
And never had peace while she slept.

Everyday her father would beat her
Until at age fifteen she left home
Hoping she wouldn't meet his belt
Always feeling as if she was alone

Each slap of the face she received
Strikes of his belt, pulling her hair
She cried out during the dark nights
Thinking that her father was there.

Then one day she met up with him again
And a heated arguement they again fought
She saw him taking off his pant's belt
It was a think one he'd recently bought.

When her husband would try to kiss her
Linda would begin to suddenly push away
She told her husband of the child abuse
And listened to all that he had to say.

As he held her tonight on their sofa
For the first time she felt secure
Her husband made her feel so loved
After a long lifetime of being hurt.