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Lucille's Problem

Lucille has to walk home every afternoon from school
Her mother will always greet her angry and then start in
She will start beating Lucille for absolutely no reason at all
It seems no matter what Lucille does, she can never win.

Lucille is a sweet blond hair, blue-eyed, five-year-old little girl
She has scars from her mother's physical abuse almost all the time
Her mother was unfortunately most always abused as a little girl
Lucille's mother, however, doesn't know child abuse is a crime.

Lucille's father walked out on her mother just over two years ago
Lucille's mother is unfortunately taking it out on her five-year-old child
Lucille always begs her teacher to take her home to love as her own
Because, unfortunately, Lucille's family has never been real mild.

Then one day, some older people arrived at Lucille's house
Lucille ran to her bedroom, hid in her closet, and began to cry
She put her hand on her newest bruise that hurt ever so badly
All her mother did was beat her, and it even hurt to just sigh.

A lady came up to Lucille's room and opened Lucille's closet door
She sat Indian-style on the floor and calmly held out her hand
"It's okay, Lucille, I'm here to help you." she said kindly in a calm voice
And suddenly Lucille realized she could finally somewhat understand.

As soon as she realized that the lady was suddenly nice and friendly
Lucille decided to go with the lady; walking with her hand on her bruise
She knew somehow that this lady would help her and would love her
Unfortunately, though, her family would soon be front page news.

Many cases such as this case with Lucille and her abusive mother
Happen everyday around the world and even in our very own homes
Don't keep it to yourself; tell someone right away and get it all out
There is no reason anybody should have to go through this alone.