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A Bid Farewell

The bright morning sun is shining in my bedroom window this morning
I roll over on my side annoyed; I already don't want to meet this sad day
My boyfriend recently joined the army; in fact, he just finished boot camp
And today my boyfriend, Craig, is getting ready to soon go quite far away.

You could say we first met at our church over eleven months ago
His name is Craig, he's a tenor in the chior, and as sweet as pie
Last night we went to a nice dinner and a night full of dancing
Today he's coming to see me and yet to also say a sad good-bye.

Mom took a picture of both of us a few weeks ago in his army uniform
I'll get the film developed and then I'll get the picture framed right away
I hope Craig will always be safe where he is going to be in Germany
And I will always think of my sweet Craig everytime I sit down to pray.

Later today as I say good-bye to my very own sweet and only love
I am hoping very much that in my heart he'll be so safe and secure
And my heart will miss my sweet Craig while is overseas in the army
For my boyfriend, the man I wish to marry, my heart shall remain pure.