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I Sit Here

I sit here, all alone, thinking of what to my boyfriend I should say
I sit here, trying to figure out, what exactly happened to my day
Then, I remember, today was when I fell deep in love with you
Then, I remember, there was between us something special & new.

I sit here, crying, because of all the broken hearts I have already had
I sit here, listening to your calm voice, saying our lives aren't that bad
Then, I remember, you are my first boyfriend too really actually care
Then, I remember, you will always love me and will always be there.

I sit here, laughing, because of a funny joke you just told
I sit here, smiling, hoping very much together we'll grow old
Then, I remember, your sweet smile is always on my mind
Then, I remember; you're always so sweet, honest, and kind

I sit here, thinking, of the wonderful days we'll get to share
I sit here, talking to you, thinking of how much you really care
Then, I remember, you're my first boyfriend to ever love me.
Then, I remember, our love is much deeper than the sea.

I sit here, suddenly, with all this wonderful love in my heart.
I sit here, loving you, hoping and praying we'll never part.
Then, I remember, you'll always be the only one for me.
Then, I remember, our love is much deeper than the sea.

I sit here, writing, this poem to my only real sweet love
I sit here, loving, the sweet angel that God sent from above
Then, I remember, your love and mine are so much free
Then, I remember, our love is so much deeper than the sea.