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Lifetime Of Love

As a young child, she carved her initials in a tree
With a boy she loved that lived across the street
Around their initials, they happily carved a heart
Kissing under the branches, promising not to part.

Over the years, they walked together hand in hand
And after high school graduation, their lives began.
They said their vows, in the beautiful month of May
Looking forward to this, since their childhood days.

Shortly over nine months later, she gives birth to twins
Their life together is happier than they can both imagine
Five more children come into a wonderful family of love
Feeling blessed because of the angels sent from above.

Thirty years have passed, all of their children are grown
All are leading happy lives and have children of their own
The proud grandparents enjoy watching all the little ones
Looking back on their lives, they have sure had a lot of fun.

As they approach their old age, she has never lost her smile
Loving her husband and spending time that is worth while.
During a cold winter night, she quietly goes in her sound sleep
There’s many memories of her that her family loves to keep.