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Last night I just laid there thinking
And my brown eyes wouldn't close
It's been months without speaking
As love begins to take its sad toll

I can say that I still love you some
But right now I want to be friends
I need to heal from all the hurt
Just in case we may speak again

I have never been in love ever before
So naturally I loved the first man online
I know that we were more than just friends
And truly, I had believed you were mine

Writing this down is helping me heal some
But I am sorry I have fallen out of love
When we met, I thought you were so great
I was real convinced you were from above

I'm not writing this to you out of anger
But I'm feeling sadness in my young heart
A heartbreak I should have seen coming
Because of us being thousands miles apart

In this poem, I'm asking you to forgive me
For all the bad things I have said and done
As online friends, we've hit some hard times
We've also had so many times that were fun

I miss you so much, Kevin, it seems so hard
There's so many nights that are hard to get by
Sometimes I will lay in bed with my eyes open
Sometimes I am thinking, sometimes I will cry

Please don't be angry with me, it's so difficult
I miss speaking to you like we always used to
I still consider you my friend, though it's hard
And I promise that I'll always be friends with you