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The Man I Love

Iíve thought about you a lot over the past few weeks
About what great friends we are and when weíll meet
Youíre working as a security guard; Iím proud of you
As good friends, we share many of the same values.

Last September, I found you in one of yahooís clubs
And little did I know, you would be the man I will love.
Youíre a Christian man, along with honest and so kind
And not a day goes by when you are not on my mind.

Oregon may be far away, and the distance is so long
And over the past months, our friendship is so strong.
I have met many people online, but youíre so sweet
And I always looking forward to the day that we meet.

You will have to watch out for mountain lions at the mill
And Iíll have to admit to you, that scares me a lot still.
And then there are times I miss you so much everyday
Thatís when the distance is hard, because youíre far away.

I love you so much, and you are always such a great friend
Iím looking forward to the time that we will get to talk again
You are such a sweet man, who Iíve grown to always love
And I was fortunate enough to meet you in a yahoo club.