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Happy Easter Everyone

H aving an easter egg hunt tomorrow morning
A nd inviting all the children in my family
P reparing a big meal for everyone for Easter Day
P raying the Lord Jesus be with me.
Y ou'll love the way I decorated the eggs this year

E ven the little ones are excited about the event
A unt Rosa is coming in all the way from Florence, Italy
S ally says she hasn't an idea where my husband went
T eresa, Maxine, and Tim are helping the little ones find the eggs
E veryone I hope will come to the table hungry
R osa's plane comes in at 6 o' clock tonight

E ster is going to help with serving the food hopefully
V ictor told me that he has a surprise in store for me today
E verything is going as I planned, I started just over a short month ago
R oger is hiding the eggs all over the back yard as I cook the ham
Y oung children will be filled with happiness I know
O n Easter morning, the children will be all smiles and happy
N atalie's children have grown so much since I saw them last
E veryone will enjoy an Easter dinner that was cooked by me