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An Eternal Spirit

I have the same eyes as you do
But I see where inner wounds lie
You and I have the exact same ears
But I hear the heart's silent cries.

I've walked the same miles you have
But my feet are now old and weary
Our shoulders may often look alike
But the wieght of the world I carry.

I'm the strong soldier in the army
Who's sacrificing my life for a war
I'm the careworker in refuge camps
Who's helping the needy and poor.

Iím the spirit you feel close to you
Comforting you during those hard days
Iím the angel that watches over you
Loving you in several different ways.

My child, let it be known you are special
And that you never will have to be alone
For Iím the Heavenly Father you adore
And Heaven will be your eternal home.