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Guns & America

I believe there is no greater fear in this world
Then having to go through losing a loved one
Nobody knows when their last day on Earth is
It hurts a lot more when they were shot by a gun.

Guns are something that scare me very much
And it's something in my life I choose not to own.
So I will be careful not to marry a man who hunts
So no gun will ever have to enter my peaceful home.

When people are stressed, and they choose to get angry
Why must they think in their minds they have to always kill?
They could find many other ways to take out their anger
Most of the time, but not all, the people are mentally ill.

My heart aches that America isn't stricter on gun laws
Because one day it might take one of my loved one's life
I couldn't ever live with that awful thought in my heart
Because healing would be hard for those who survive.

I'm hoping President Bush will make it much harder
For dangerous crimals to ever get guns in their hands
Many lives would be in danger if this isn't dealt with
But many people in this country have yet to understand.