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A Night From Hell

Last night I recieved a good deed card
From my boss because I was there alone
The other girl was in an automobile accident
And she was stuck sick in bed at home.

I had many more customers than we usually do that night
And I soon began to panic while my heart was beating fast
I burnt three sausage pizzas and dropped two meat deluxes
But God was there with me, and nine o' clock came at last.

My boss brought in a bagger from the front of the store
She was my survivial last night, that I must truly believe
We started cleaning the Pizzeria around eight o' clock
And when nine o' clock came, we could finally leave.

The girl has been a no-show or late for almost three weeks
And even though I was frustrated, i appricated her calling in
All the responsibility was suddenly thrown on my shoulders
And I'll have to admit, that's the most paniced I've ever been.

Tenner, the girl who called in, I'm supposed to work with tonight
And there's a part of me who doesn't want her to be a no-show
Unless my boss brings in another person to help me out tonight
Handling all that stress and panic again I really don't know.

I've seriously been thinking of being trained as a cashier
The pizzeria is really starting to get underneath my skin
If I have to close and the other person doesn't show up
I am not so sure I can handle all that panic once again.