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Full Of Rage

I've never seen you so full of rage
Until you violently took the swing
Blacking both my eyes within seconds
Because of the fight we were having.

You were a charming, sincere, honest man
That warm summer day you and I both met
Now I see bruises, burns and cuts I have
And violent rages that I won't soon forget.

The first Christmas we were together
Is the only memory I still remember
We had everyone over for Christmas
And it was the coldest December ever.

Shortly after New Years, violent rages began
And I don't know why you're always so angry
I do everything you say, just the right way
But you always violent when it comes to me.

I wear dark glasses, and over dress
To keep the bruises from being seen
I do everything to avoid punishment
But I'm always subject to a beating.

It isn't right, this prison called marraige
When you're having me live like a prisnor
Please, Michael, let's stop this violence
Or when you come home, I won't be here.