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First Day

She held his hand loosely
And walked him into class
Giving her son a quiet kiss
And a soft pat on the back.

He went over to some trucks
Making some soft car sounds
She stood there observing him
playing with a friend he found.

The first day of preschool today
And she was almost ready to go
When Dennis came up to his Mom
And gave her a painted rainbow

"I love you, Mom," he said happily
And a tear ran down his Mom's face
She gave Dennis a tight hug and kiss
And then she saw the friendly place.

"Dennis, I have to go now, sweety,"
Charlene told her son with a smile
"Have a good day, and make friends
I'll be back for you after awhile."

Dennis went back into the class
And had a wonderful first day
His mother's still adjusting
And is anxious for Monday.

As she tucks him into bed
And reads him his story
She thanks God for her son
Because he's all her family.