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Grandpa's Love

My Grandpa Lewis lives by a large river
Raising his grandchildren on the water
At a younng age, we all knew how to swim
He raised us as his sons and daughters.

When our mother abandoned us so long ago
All eleven of us moved down to Kentucky
Feeling angered, we were timid and afraid
Our Grandpa took on the sole responsibility.

When my sister Kathy-Ann got married
Our Grandpa walked her down the aisle
Gave her away and sat in the front row
I'll never forget my Grandpa's smile.

As my Grandpa says, I'm his "Baby Girl"
And last night we sat with my brothers
Talked about what a great family we are
And how happy that we have one another.

Tomorrow's my wedding day and I'll admit
I'm a little scared to get close to anyone
Grandpa took us in, but Larry could leave
It's unforgiveable what out Mom has done.

Tomorrow marks a milestone in my lifetime
But I know I'll always find my way home
Grandpa has passed, but his spirit hasn't
He's there everyday, and we're never alone