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Don't Want To Stay Silent

Silently I crept around the hallway
Witnessing her looking into the mirror
My mouth dropped at all the bruises
And with it came many of my fears.

I sat there quietly, afraid of the truth
Listening to my heart, I knocked on the door
"I'm sorry, Larissa," I said to my sister
"I don't want to stay silent anymore."

"Thomas gets so mad, and I'm so afraid,"
And I sat there listening to her story
I knew I couldn't turn my back on her
Because I care about all of my family.

She has told me they've been argueing
And my niece Katie has seem them fight
She's has woken from her sleep crying
While Larissa calms her fears at night.

I've prayed for her since I left
And she's assured me she's alright
I always feel guilty for not helping
I wish there weren't violent fights.

I'm helping her pack her belongings
The sheriff's standing in the door
She took a stand against the abuse
And decided she didn't want anymore.

My niece is soundly sleeping on the sofa
And Thomas is currently sitting in a jail
Life in prison without parol, the judge said
And we're all thankful he isn't out on bail.