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Charley's Afterlife

I saw you in my dream last night, but got scared
Because my beloved cocker spaniel was in a cage
I suddenly began crying in the middle of the dream
You were being treated badly, and I was outraged.

The devil was there, laughing a horred evil laugh
And I made several attempts to get the cageís key
But Saten would keep fighting me off with his fire
And I couldnít understand why you werenít free.

You had a wonderful life while you were on Earth
But Iím still quite a bit scared about where you are
I sincerely hope youíre not in the devilís evil mansion
Because that would suddenly seem so extremely far.

Last night, I was so scared I wonít ever get to see you
But I always know in your heart you had plenty of love
So the only logical eternal home for you, my dear friend
Would be with our heavenly Father Jesus, high up above.

You will always be on my mind everyday, my sweet dog
Because you were always so sweet, kind and loving to me
I know youíre in Heaven, but Iím still so scared about you
I will never forget the love I have for you, my sweet Charley.