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Christmas Past

Christmas when we were children
Would always be a quite special time
We'd leave cookies and milk lay out
For dear Santa Claus to enjoy & find.

We'd go to church on Christmas Eve
And sing about our Christ being born
But nothing was ever as so very special
As being with family on Christmas morn.

I remember, sometimes, out-of-town family
Would come to enjoy Christmas with us also
It was a time for forgiveness, happiness & love
Dad and Grandpa loved to put on slide shows.

I remember a Christmas not too far in the past
Where we put a train under our Christmas tree
It went around my Mom's beautiful snow village
But it would always tend to scare my dog, Charley

There have been many great Christmas's past
And there will be mant more I can truly believe
For Christmas, most importantly, is about Christ
But it can also bring together long-distance family.