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A New Beginning

Lynda sat on her front porch swing in a daydream
She was thinking of her brave testimony yesterday
Her parents had severely abused her and her brother
And now her parents were being sent very far away.

She went inside and calmly sat beside her Aunt Hellen
“How long will they have to be gone? Please tell me,”
Hellen looked at her niece’s quite curious eyes and said,
“Lynda, as long as the law says that they will have to be.”

She held her aunt tight, while feeling quite safe in her arms
Gary, her three-year-old brother, is on the sofa quietly asleep
Lynda couldn’t be happier that her Aunt Hellen had custody
Trying to forget the years of abuse for her will be a giant leap.

Lynda looked at her aunt with sadness in her young eyes
“Aunt Hellen, why all of a sudden do I feel so sad and guilty?
I’m happy that I will no longer be struck with dad’s leather belt,”
And then hugging her aunt, “but they’re gone because of me.”

Hugging and kissing her thirteen-year-old niece, she smiled
She moved her niece’s long, dishwater blonde, curly hair
“Lynda,” she whispered, “God made a forgivable mistake,
And that’s how your parents unfortunately ended up there.”

As Lynda pulled a blanket over her young brother
She looked at her aunt smiling with joy and glee
Lynda knew that she would have a better life soon
And that she would soon again be peaceful and happy.

Child abuse, to many children, can be very terrifying
But it’s nice if they have a safe place they can call home
Children shouldn’t ever have to worry about this issue
They shouldn’t ever have to worry about having to being alone.