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He Left Her Today

She held her wedding ring, looking carefully
At the ring’s pretty stone.
Every few minutes she looked at the clock
And knew she was alone.

The kiss that he gave her at the train station
Made her think he was forgiving.
But it didn’t take long for her to realize
The wrong life she’s been living.

Ever since they were introduced last summer
He was warm with passion
Now, as she sits in silence thinking of their lives
She can only remember then.

She sets the ring down slowly, while several tears
Are quietly filling her hurtful eyes
He had been her only reason to want to be living
She picks up his picture and cries.

Today she came home and found his hurtful note
Saying he didn’t love her anymore
A broken vase sits on the floor in millions of pieces
The result of their fight the night before.

She walks into the bedroom and sees his easy chair
Where at night he would always pray
They’ve been together for almost eleven months now
And then it's suddenly taken all away.

She takes a deep breath, throwing her wedding ring
Across the house they together bought
A broken heart from the man that she truly loved
He loved her also, or she always thought.

There’s no doubt in her mind that she’ll come to heal
From the relationship she knew so well
She’ll move on from the man that she came to know
Or maybe time will soon come to tell.