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These are some meditation instructions that should help the beginning or intermediate student learn to focus.

Meditation instructions

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Anything is possible if the conditions are right - just as a chemical combination is possible in a lab if you create the correct conditions. So, before you begin to meditate, make sure you have the right setting. A quiet place where you won't be disturbed is essential. Soft lights (I prefer candlelight) make for a relaxed atmosphere.
Try to set aside a time every day for your practice. I find that early morning or late at night (upon awakening or just before bedtime or both) is best for me. I will seize the opportunity to meditate during the day if I have a chance. The point is to make meditation a part of your daily routine. You will only learn the true nature of yourself or of God if you are diligent.
Sit in a cross legged position. (If this is uncomfortable try a straight backed chair.) Eventually floor sitting will become comfortable. Remember, keep your spine straight (not rigid as you want to relax).
Start by taking several deep breaths through your nostrils, filling the lungs completely from the bottom to the top. This will help you to relax. Have you ever heard the saying "when you're feeling stressed, stop and take a few deep breaths"? It's the same principle here. It calms you down.
Let the breath become normal. Let go of the world outside. All your troubles, worries and fears. Focus on the breath. Feel the coolness on the incoming breath and the warmth of the breath on your nostrils upon exhaling. You'll notice immediately that thoughts of the outside world (your life, family, friends work, bills, job etc..) come flooding in. Gently push these aside and focus on the breath. Do not be discouraged that you are not able to focus for more than a few seconds at a time. This is normal. The mind is a difficult thing to master. With time and practice you will find that letting go of the outside world and going to a place of inner peace will be easier and more appealing.
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