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here are some links to some other quality sites for those seeking Spiritual growth

Our favorite Web Design company

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Providing Therapeutic and Specialty Massage
Treatments with Passion in Salt Lake City
Kudzu Body Clinic

This is One of the best Pagan sites that I've found.
Pagans Path

thsi is the best site that I've found for pagan networking to find like minded people in your area.

Full of the wisdom of the ancient's buddhanet offers everything from meditation instructions to audio files of Buddhist chanting!


Business Psychic, Metaphysician, Healer, Medical Intuitive & Animal Intuitive
Sheila Watson

Brioso Holistics Medical Intuition, Certified Medical Intuitive

Yoga Journal

Thesophical Society
Very closely related to what the Church of the Spirit is aimed at. Truth!
Non-sectarion, Spiritual and very open minded.
Theosophical Society