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"When the student is ready the teacher will appear"

Spiritual Experience

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I'd like to talk a little about Ethics (or Morals). While learning Meditation and learning to focus you may come into contact with the awesome power that we all possess. Some of these powers may include precognition, very strong empathy or a number of others that we only hear about. For instance, Jesus healed the blind, the sick and walked on water amongst other things. Along with Spiritual power comes Spiritual discipline. If you learn to use the power that your mind possesses but have no discipline you are HIGHLY likely to do serious harm to yourself. I don't wish to try to dictate anyone else's morals (I don't have the right) but I do believe that selfishness and self seeking should be eliminated as much as possible.
The basis of all spiritiality is thinking of others before yourself. The Buddhists have many meditations on loving kindness. (After spending some time with them I would say that they practice this too). In the Pagan community it's "Harm no one and do as thy wilt". Christianity says "Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you".

In conclusion I would say: "Give freely to others. Share what you have (spiritually as well as materialistically). And remember, we're all on this rock together (White, Black, Muslim, Pagan) so be kind and help each other as much as possible".
Peace be with you
Yogi Dharma
Life is seen as a spiritual journey by those whose souls have evolved to the point of searching for truth.
Those who have arrived at this point would truly consider it Magikal.
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