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For Love and Happily Ever Afters READ THIS!
Love Stories Kiss and Tell By: Kieran Scott

Abby Stewart knows her final summer at Camp Emerson is going to be her best yet. She's thrilled that Greg Neill, her best friend from home, is hitting it off with Joanna Klein, her best friend from camp. There are even some sparks flying between them! Plus, Abby's met a gorgeous new guy herself--Will Stevenson. With all the coupling going on, love is definitely in the air!

At first, Abby's ecstatic that she's snagged Will. But the more time Abby spends with him, the more she realizes there's something missing. Being with Will is not like...well, it's nothing like hanging out with Greg. And now, as Abby watches Greg and Joanna flirt, she's struck by unexpected tinges of jealousy. Has Abby overlooked her one perfect guy all these years?

Grace Says
From the start you know that Abby and Greg belong together but it's a lot of fun watching them figure it out! This is a great read for those who like romance's. I liked it a lot even though it was only a little predictable!
Read this book on those days when your in between SVH Senior Year books!
My Score= * * *
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For a Good Cry READ THIS!
Someone dies, Someone lives By:Lurlene McDaniel

Katie O'Roark feels miserable, even though she knows she's incredibly lucky to have received an anonymous gift. Still, the money can't but her a new heart or bring her back to her track-star days. When a donor is found with a compatible heart, Katie undergoes transplant surgery. While recuperating, she meets Josh Martel and senses an immediate connection. When Katie decides to start training to attain her dream of running again, Josh helps her meet the difficult challenge.
Will Katie find the strength physically and emotionally to live to become a winner again?

Grace Says
Katie has a lot to deal with. You'd think her problems would end when she gets the tranplant but they don't. Even if you've never experianced it you'll relate to Katie. Lurlene McDaniel is a great writer
This book is great it will make you appreciate everything you have. It has love and laughter. Also this book is kinda old so you can take it out of your local libaray. So check it out today.
My Score= * * * *
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For Heart Pounding Action/Suspense or Horror READ THIS!

The Last Vampire Part 1 By: Christopher Pike
Alisa Perne is a five-thousand-year-old vampire. For ages she has hunted humanity, loved humanity, but now someone hunts her. Who is this person--what is he or she? Another vampire? Alisa is not sure. She thought she was the last of her kind.

Alisa has only one lead to follow. A detective, Mike Riley, has tried to blackmail her. In haste, before she could learn everything he knew, she killed him. Now she must go after the detective's son and find out what his father knew. Fifty centuries old, and she must enter high school and befriend Ray Riley, a handsome, shy boy who will attract her like no mortal has in centuries. Ray will make Alisa think the unthinkable, to make another of her kind, something she hasn't done since ancient times.
Grace Says
Alisa (Sita) is a vampire with an attitude. This book will have you believing in vampires in no time. One of my favorites. You'll be amazed at how strong, compassionate and evil she can be all at once. You will not regret reading it!
My Score= * * * *
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