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We've taken bird-watching to a new level. Instead of trying to find tiny birds that hide in trees, we found medium-sized birds that live near water or dabble in mud! Click on the names below to see who we've been tracking for the past two years.

The ducks listed in this table are a combination of wild Mallards, domestic Blue Swedish, Pekin, various crosses, and others I'm still trying to identify.

American Pied Black Duck Casper Chinese Cinderella
Ferdinand and Isabella Gray Duck Jake and Elwood Nood-a-Duck Plain Jane
Pharoah Silver The Two Jokers Wizard Cappie

This section will focus on the Canada Geese living at the ponds. Some of these birds migrate for the winter, while others remain behind. In the absence of leg bands or neck markers, it's very difficult to tell who's who, but some of them have unique markings or characteristics that set them apart from the rest. Here are seven of last year's goslings...

The Guy with the Wings Harold Maryland Geese
2000 Goslings 2001 Goslings

Rescue Story
Here's a rescue story I think you will enjoy.
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How YOU Can Help Ducks and Geese
Are you sleeping on geese?!?! Is there a duckling in your backyard? I've compiled a list that will help YOU to help waterfowl.
Click here to help the birds!


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