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Gallery of


        Welcome to the Gallery of carvings I have done.  The gallery is divided into two general areas:  Fish and Fowl.  In the Fish section you will find the carvings divided into three areas: Fresh water, Cold; Fresh water, Warm; and Marine fish carvings.

        An additional area to the fish is a page labeled "anatomy of a Carving".  Here you will find a photo of a large Rainbow Trout carving.  There are "hotspots" on the carving that you may click to see in-depth information about that particular area of the carving.

         In the area of Fowls, you will find photos of various Hawks and Falcons I have done.

         The areas are accessed by clicking on the links highlighted above, or by clicking on the appropriate button below.

        I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I did in doing it.

Fresh Water - Cold

Fresh Water-Warm


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Anatomy of a Carving