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J.P. Wasson Band

J.P. Wasson Band... Newsflash...JP Wasson Band's fourth album "Liquid Sound" is in the can....CD Release Soon! 

J.P. Wasson Band formed in spring of 1996 and has maintained the original line-up since.  The band consists of J.P. on vocals and rhythm guitar, Al Miller on lead guitar and backing vocals, Reno Jack on Bass, Neil McGrath on Drums.

The Band has previously released three CD’s of original material;  the nine song,” This here’s my Band” in 1997, the ten song, “Orangeville” in 1999 and the thirteen song, “One Big Country” in 2002

The new CD is in the can and ready to be mastered.  Details of an upcoming CD release party will appear soon.  The tunes are listed below.

The band describes they’re sound as a blend of Country Eastern and City Western.

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This page was last updated on September 20, 2005.