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Now Magazine-Toronto

Club Crawl, Toronto Star, Jan 23/97

Written by Lenny Stoute

He looks like Woody Harrelson, wears a black cowboy hat like he was born to, and sings with an unassuming baritone just right for his country rockin' tunes.

J.P.Wasson's the name and This here's My Band is his debut album. A throng of fans and friends clogged the Cameron House last week as J.P. and the backing band Guitarist Al Miller, drummer Neil McGrath, and bassist Reno Jack aired out the thing. Over two sets, Wasson also hauled out a number of gems, some new, some old, that don't appear on the record.

A prolific songwriter, Wasson's efforts range from the classic ("Did You Have To Leave Me Crying") and the autobiographical ("City Boy Going Back To The Country") the poignant ("Only You Only Me") and the funny ("Smokey Hot Bingo"). And by last call, he had the crowd eating out of his hand in a nonchalant display of style, substance and showmanship.

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Word of Mouth

David Gilmore, music director, CHON-FM, Whitehorse, Yukon

" love the cover, love the CD; sure we're playing it! And you can tell that to whoever you want!"

Anonymous friend of J.P.

" better than the last band he was in!"

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