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Originally a drummer by trade, J.P. stepped out from behind the drums in 1994.  J.P. did time behind the kit with “Fifth Column”, “Snowdogs ”, and “Big Daddy ” to name a few.   J.P. has been strumming the guitar for more than a decade crafting songs with a mix of country, rockabilly, and Cowboy punk.  J.P. writes songs with wry lyrics and an honest delivery commenting on everyday life and ironic social commentary.  In J.P.’s words, “Although it’s my name on the band and I may write the majority of the songs, the song writing is a collective.  What I bring to the band and how they add their textures and feels to the song the end product is very much a collaborative effort.  As a guitar player I’m a heck of a drummer so I’m very blessed to have such a great band” After living in Toronto for fifteen years, J.P. lives in Orangeville for the past four years with his wife and two sons.


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