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The Strive

High, high above me.
Far, far below me.
I see the stars - I see the light!
But all around me - I see
only endless night.

I reach for the star,
I haste my pace.
The light walks right by my side
on an adjacent line, so I see
that we strive for the same deed,
but will never meet

I see the light bending around me,
hiding me, concealing my misery
For I am one, for I am

It's not question whether I want or whether I don't,
Whether I will. Whether I won't.
Though I may ask, if
this is a task for me to succeed.

It comes closer, closer yet
though I could bet
that I do not move,
not a one step.

I feel the heat
burning my skin,
but yet I feel the joy
embracing my body, asking me
to reveal the whole of my being.

In the end, when
I reach the star or
is it the star that reaches me
only to see the world crashing on me.

1999 Tero Kalliomaa

There is a world

There is a world
beyond your dreams
beyond your fantasy.
They say
it is called reality.

It is a hard place to live,
they say.
Yet you know,
it is the only way.

How then, could any man or
even a woman, face
such a horrible case
or endure the pain?

There is an answer
in the air
such as faint
such as plain
as is the hope
as are the clouds that
cover the sky.

But my friend, are you
willing, are you able
to let your thoughts
fly free and wild and
in the end,
touch the sky-high?

1999 Tero Kalliomaa

The burden

What is this fearful force,
power that suppresses every other?

Is it the faith that roars inside of us,
in the turmoil of our soul?

Have I the force, the power and the light
the holy universality of the faith?

Why then do I feel so small,
so insignificant in the face of others?

Don't they see how I struggle to keep,
to keep my being together?

Yet is it not true that they
possess the same supreme power?

Is it not our share to control
the enchanted force of individuality?

1999 Tero Kalliomaa

The tornment of the soul

In the darkest night
you catch yourself praying,
asking the good Father to
take the burden away,
wipe-out your thoughts you fear.

In the light of the morning sun
you catch yourself dreaming
- not of the sun, not of the light.
Take your burden and carry it away,
question your faith or fight the fear!

In the shadows of the midday light
you catch yourself seeking,
asking yourself who would
take your burden away,
wipe-out your painful misery.

In the twilight
you finally realise
- there is not any fear
the revelation is the name
and the existence is the game.

2000 Tero Kalliomaa