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Black and White

Traditionally black and white are seen as the Dark and the light forces - good and evil. Rather in the same way as Jin and Jang in the Eastern tradition. Here however I do not touch these concepts as being inheritently distinct or being clearly either positive or negative. For me they represent two apparent sides of our persona - the one we are aware of, and that others are able to concieve, and the other, the true nature of our being which is partly a mystery to us ourselves as well.

This phenomena is most possibly evident for all of us. In the everyday life we encounter situations where someone we though we knew does something so unaccountable that we could not have imagined it even in our wildest dreams. How is this then possible? The explanation, in my oppinion, lies in the structure of our persona.

Mind is a remarkable gadget to possess. It, however, is also unbelievably hard to understand. From this follows that our persona is of a complex nature as well, which leads to a question whether it can be oversimplified as I have suggested here. The answer is easy - it can not be and should not be. The distinction between the two most apparent sides, however, leads to deeper understanding of the concept. At the best these stigmas are mere illustrations.

The white side as I refer to it constitutes of our facial expressions and revealed emotions. Basically it is our outer appearance and the facade weshow to other people. Indeed, one can fool others by pretending compassion and trust and yet hold quite different emotions underneath. And surely you have sometimes felt that even your closest friends or relatives do not know the real you, but only see what lies on the surface.

What then is the meaning of this? Why does it happen and what is its significance in our everyday lives? (continues)

I do not take stand whether we are good or bad in nature, I merely point out that the truth does not lie on the surface nor is it somely a mystery but rather the combination of these two. The truth does not lie out there, but in there, or rather in us; the truth lies in us. To make a point hereI might conclude that some of usare good and somebad - we are individuals after all.

2000 Tero Kalliomaa