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Believers' Immersion Page

The Largest Collection of Significant
Believers' Baptism Links on the Internet!


Welcome to Baptizo! This page is primarily intended to provide links to pages on other web sites that present the biblical (i.e., non-magical) view of Christian baptism, sometimes called credobaptism or believers' baptism. Specifically, Baptizo provides links to pages that present baptism as being: You will find links that discuss the meaning and motivation of baptism and why it is important to baptize. There are links on the proper way of baptizing new converts, and exposing why not every so-called mode of baptism is acceptable to God. There are links that discuss who the subjects of the baptist should be, and why infants are not proper subjects. And there are other various links that relate to the subject of baptism, as well.

While I make no claim to possess any of the dramatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, it is my view that Christian baptism is a sign between the individual and God (whether "public" or not), which represents a washing away of one's sins and a death to one's self and all that he previously relied upon for his preservation, security, happiness and satisfaction — resulting in newness of life — with baptism in the Holy Spirit being a gift that is subsequent to both salvation and (normally) water baptism, this view may not be uniformly represented in all of the essay links provided by the Baptizo believers' immersion links page.

Finally, if you happen to notice a significant departure from the Scriptures in any of the essays linked from this site, or on any of the web sites on which the essays reside, please be so kind as to send me a post with a brief description of the problem and where it may be found (be sure to include the title of the specific page where the discrepancy may be found, as well as the precise URL. A short, exact quotation of a portion near the beginning of the offending words would also be helpful). I will do my best to either delete any such items that prove to be grossly contrary to the Scriptures or, in the case of a good essay on a bad site, to provide a descriptive warning along with the link.

May the Lord bless you as you study the links provided on this very important topic.

Jean Baptiste,

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